Thursday, September 20, 2012

CMTC CORD Walkathon 2012

Hari Om Everyone,
Our annual fund-raiser for the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development is in four weeks. CORD-Walk 2012 will be on Sunday, October 28, 2012 at Mercer County Park, NJ.

Swamiji has asked us to meet on a Balavihar Sunday – so that we can have 100% participation. As in prior years – all registrations, donations, and pledges will be online: Please sign-up and make your donations ASAP – we need EVERYONE’s help.

More information about CORD and the walkathon will be coming soon. And we’ll post important links and announcements on our blog:

Thank you in advance for your service and generosity for CORD!

Kind Regards,

The CMTC CORD Walkathon Team

Should my family fill out more than one registration form?

Yes - you should fill out one registration form per person. Each registered walker will get their own fund-raising web-page. We want EVERYONE (even the Toddlers) to have a personal connection with CORD, and an individual sense of accomplishment when we are done.

Can I use last year's account?

If you want to keep the same user account (name, password, and web URL) that you used last year please visit this page for instructions: click here
But you MUST register early - to avoid having your account recycled (for good).

What are CORD's objectives and activities

- To initiate and encourage CORD supporters to give back to their individual communities by serving those in need.
- To develop and strengthen a comprehensive, convergent, sustainable and participatory rural development program.
- To empower rural women, men and youth.
- To help increase economic self-reliance through micro-credit, income generation schemes and village-level enterprise.
- To provide community based healthcare through preventive and promotional measures as well as provide primary healthcare services through dispensaries.
- To provide community based rehabilitation for the disabled.
- To help strengthen local self-governance.
- To create environmental awareness and implement natural resource management.
- To improve education, promote literacy and value-based education.
- To promote and facilitate social justice.
- To increase the capacity of women, men, youth and children to uplift their communities and themselves and fire their latent potential through community based organizations.
- To network and collaborate with institutions, individuals, non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and donors agencies to reinforce and promote the objectives of CORD.
- To conduct training programs towards fulfillment of all objectives.

For almost two decades, CORD has provided the means for thousands of people in rural India and Africa to empower themselves. In addition, CORD has been involved in emergency efforts such as the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, Orissa Flood Relief, Peki Hospital in Ghana and the Tsunami Relief efforts which provided much needed humanitarian assistance.
Each dollar raised by CORD is sent in its entirety (with no administration or overhead expenses deducted) to those that need it most.

· CORD has been able to support several important projects in the Indian Subcontinent, where the quality of life in 650 destitute rural villages has drastically improved over the last 25 years. Our efforts are helping to fund healthcare, education, income generation schemes, micro-banking projects and more. All in an effort to help people in impoverished rural areas attain self-sufficiency.
We need your help in raising awareness and funds for CORD to do more of the above and help many more people.

What is CORD walk-a-thon? order to understand what this walk-a-thon is about it is important to understand what CORD is...

So what is CORD? In short ...

CORD USA is a non profit organinization

A Registered 501c 3 Corporation
ID # 27-0540459
4545 Warwick Circle
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

CORD walk-a-thon is a charity event to raise funds for the many activities CORD does.

Click here to learn more about CORD's mission statement and its objectives and activities.

We need your help in raising awareness and funds for CORD

To register for walkathon go to -

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mission Statement

To facilitate integrated and sustainable development in rural India through self-empowerment processes.